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AgVantage LLP

The  mission of AgVantage is to help enhance Agricultural production by  increasing  productivity of agriculture by the use of best available  technologies  provided by the technology led  agribusinesses. This will ensure Agriculture its Vantage position and lead to sustainable and inclusive growth.

AgVantage is an agribusiness  domain expertise available to corporates in pursuit of business and growth opportunities in the  the Agri space.

Excavations at Mohanjodaro and Harappa indicated that agriculture was at the root of the Indus valley civilization. Agriculture and the primary industries also form the transition of the primitive tribes from hunting to civilised settlements in Europe, Americas  and the Asia- pacfic  continents.

Even after 5000 years, agriculture forms the backbone of the Indian economy. With a GDP contribution of appox20% and economic sustenance to nearly 70% of the population, agriculture remains the fulcrum of the Indian economy. With the fruits of the green revolution having dried and productivity of most crops at a plateau, there is a need for employing technologies to effect step change in the productivity and production in agriculture. Increasing population and rising incomes is putting strains on the availability and prices of food in many developing countries. Time is ripe  for the global agribusiness  to focus its investment into the Indian agribusiness.

It is estimated that the recently liberalised Indian retail market currently valued at USD 280Bn will grow to USD 437 Bn by 2010 and to USD627Bn by 2015. Nearly 50% of this would  emanate from Agri-food  segment  andthe remaining  from the lifestyle etc.

To capture the growth of this magnitude would require agribusiness domain expertise with global orientation.AgVantage  aims to  provide this domain knowledge and proven expertise to corporates in pursuit of opportunities in the Indian Agri space